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About Press

Press is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation for youth between the ages of 13 and 25. Through political action Press draws attention to the rights of the child, and the reasons why these are violated. We wish to raise awareness of the role of youth in society and at the same time put pressure on governmental bodies and other decision makers to reduce their violations of the rights of the child.


Press has many methods of working politically. We meet with politicians, organise nationwide campaigns with our local groups, we demonstrate, send letters to newspapers, participate in relevant meetings, and speak up at national and international conferences. We also organise seminars for our local groups and a summer camp every year.


Press' political priorities are:

  • Refugee children
  • Health and development
  • Trade and peace
  • Democracy and participation

Local groups

Press consists of approximately 1000 members. We also offer supporting memberships for those outside our age group. Most of the members are organised in local groups spread throughout the country, but this is optional. The local groups usually consist of a leader, a secretary and someone in charge of the finances.

We have approximately 15 local groups. Some have a relatively high number of members, frequent activity and participate in many campaigns, while others are small and choose to work with selected parts of Press’ politics and campaigns only.


National and central board

Press is organised on a national level, and has a national board with regional representatives. There are 12 members of this board, and they meet 6 - 10 times a year. The national board is the highest level of decision between every annual meeting.

Furthermore, we have a central board, consisting of at least 5 persons. The central board is responsible for the everyday activities within Press, and are the ones you’ll meet at Press’ main office. The members of the central board have defined political and organisational areas of responsibility. Meetings are held once a week.

The president and vice-president of Press are president and vice-president of both of these boards.


The annual meeting

The annual meeting is the highest executive organ within Press, where all political documents (our platform), the strategy paper and operational plan are voted over. The annual meeting also elects president, vice-president, regional representatives for the national board, and representatives for the central board, for one year at the time.


We use lobbying as a means of having more direct contact with politicians. We send letters and e-mails to inform politicians and relevant parliament groups of our view on political issues. The aim is always to influence the authorities so that children’s rights are fulfilled. We try to follow up on activity in the Parliament and on political issues that are of concern for Press.

We also cooperate with other organisations, in some cases on mutual campaigns.



The political platform is the document that contains all of Press policy. Here you can find Press’ political views and statements. The platform may be edited every annual meeting, as long as the majority votes for a change.

The strategy paper is a relatively small and general document, which is written every fourth year, on general objectives Press is working towards. These are both organisational and political.

The operational plan is a more specific plan, where the annual meeting decides what focus Press should have the following year. This means that the annual meeting decides which political areas we mainly want to work on. In addition to political focus areas, the operational plan contains organisational objectives.